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Philip Elliott

Dreaming in Starlight (Signed Copy)


Image of Dreaming in Starlight (Signed Copy)

Dreaming in Starlight (CTU Publishing Group, 2017) is a prose collection of fictional letters from a 26-year-old Southern American named Jeremiah John Watts, who, fleeing a chaotic world he couldn’t understand, sought solace in the solitude of deep, mountainous woods. Four months later, Jeremiah is dead, killed by the biggest forest fire the region has seen in fifty years. All that remains is a box of letters written to the ghosts of his past, letters that, gradually, build a portrait of a life filled with mistakes, heartbreak, sickness, and regret, as well as love, faith, hope and perseverance. But was the fire an act of God, a desperate suicide, or something else entirely?

Dreaming in Starlight deals primarily with the nature of the past and how it defines us, and questions whether or not we ever truly leave it behind, and includes themes of mental illness, addiction, spirituality and the ultimate loneliness of the human condition, alongside a chaos of juxtapositions, such as love vs obsession and time vs truth.

- “special and poignant . . . spellbinding descriptions . . . so much beauty in its brevity . . . a book that I found myself wishing would never end . . . Elliott’s prose is carefully constructed, yet exceedingly natural; unique, yet all-encompassing; and small, yet so large in scope.” – Tamara Drazic, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Spinebind Magazine

- “puts into words what is manifestly mystical. Shadows of Augustine’s Confessions, Ferlinghetti’s Coney Island of the Mind and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest grace its pages. And, as Wallace said about his novel’s resolution, Dreaming’s exists, ‘but just past the last page.'” – Acclaimed photographer J. Ray Paradiso

Dreaming in Starlight is also available in Kindle format on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1945791225/